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Our Towbar Installation Process

The installation of your vehicle’s Towbar will differ depending on its make and model.

Some vehicles may require one or more of the following:

Removal of rear bumper and the dropping of the exhaust to bolt the Towbar on
A precise cut in the bumper that’s hidden from view
Electrical work that plugs into the vehicle lighting loom
Installation Time Differs Per Vehicle Make and Model: 1-4 hours

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“Very happy with end result. Guys managed to install the Towbar same day with very short notice. They also provide valuable advice and recommendation. Highly recommended!”
“I was recommended from two local mechanics. The Towbar was installed very quickly. The price was good.”
“These guys got me out of a pinch with my pajero when another retailer let me down on my order that took over 3 weeks. The customer service was great, and they are very knowledgeable within their field. The advice they gave was spot on and even offered over the phone support with my installation. If you need accessories fitted to your vehicle go and see them. Great work guys and thank you for your help.”
“Excellent price and customer service. I purchased two bolts for my Towbar at a very reasonable price. Jordan then offered to fit the Towbar for me during his lunch break. I will be recommending Speedy Towbars to everyone. Thanks again!”

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Why it pays to get a
professional towbar installation

Why it pays to get a professional towbar installation

man fixing car
When you choose a DIY Towbar option, you need to know what you’re doing. One small mistake in your choice of Towbar, fitting or wiring and you could be watching your load travel past you on the road.

As a driver, you’re responsible for the safety of your trailer. So, don’t mess it up. Know your vehicle. Some vehicles, for example, have a different towing capacity depending on the transmission or engine. Your vehicle capacity could change too depending on the type of road conditions you want to use it on.

Aside from choosing the wrong Towbar for your vehicle, we also see cars and 4WDs where the bumper’s cut incorrectly, or the modifications are wrong. These common DIY Towbar errors can cost you.

Plus, if you’re buying a second-hand vehicle that comes with a Towbar already installed, always get it checked out before you do any towing. Speedy Towbars can tell you if it’s installed correctly and if you have the right Towbar for the job you want it to do.

Drive your vehicle and load with confidence. Give it to the professionals at Speedy Towbars who do it right the first time.

We make fitting Towbars look easy. But that’s because our fully trained technicians have years of experience behind them. We’ve been installing Towbars since 2003, so when we say we know Towbars, we know Towbars.

Get Fitted With The Right Towbar
For Your Vehicle

Get Fitted With The Right Towbar For Your Vehicle

white vehicle fitted with the right towbar
Choosing the right Towbar can be confusing.

There are different classes, brands, types and models.

If you install the wrong one, then you could damage your vehicle and trailer, or even cause a serious accident.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the Towbar is compliant with Australian laws.

Some Towbars suit different driving conditions, and you’ll find locally produced options designed for our roads and cars.

The same goes for the Towbar installation. If it’s not fitted or wired correctly your car and trailer may not work in sync. Get the fitting wrong, and instead of heading away for an enjoyable weekend, you’ll be talking to the boys in blue.

At Speedy we help you protect the ones you love. Make road safety your priority by having the right Towbar installed by professionals who know how to do it.

Speedy Towbars can tell you what class of Towbar best suits the model of your vehicle and the maximum weight you can tow. Plus, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty on all Towbars and wiring with your Towbar installation.

And it’s not just our knowledge or expert fitting of Towbars that makes us #1 in South East Queensland. When you need a quick Towbar installation, only Speedy lives up to its name.

The weekend will be here before you know it. Don’t get caught without your Towbar.

Drive in now to one of our two convenient locations, and we’ll have your car fitted and ready-to-go in no time.

black subaru vehicle fitted with the right towbar

Tow Your Load Like A Boss

car with Towbar
car with a Towbar extension

When it comes to having a Towbar you need the confidence that comes with it being installed by a professional. At Speedy Towbars we have over 40 years of experience. 

Our aftermarket Towbars are affordable and won’t void your new vehicle warranty. Plus, you get Speedy Towbars’ great service, selection and Speedy’s lifetime warranty.

Our highly skilled technicians can help you choose the Towbar that’s best for you.


Lifetime Warranty on Towbars and wiring


Solutions for almost every type of vehicle


Standard vehicles, car, truck and 4X4 vehicles


Fleet cars


Keep your new car warranty


In store or mobile service


After-care service


On time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Towbar affect parking sensors?

A. Most times the Towbar itself will not affect your vehicle's reverse sensors however there are a few vehicles in which the reverse sensors will pick up the Towbar. Keep in mind your reverse sensors will pick up when you have a trailer attached and put the vehicle in reverse. A lot of vehicles have a button on the dash in which you can manually turn the sensors off and sometimes the Towbar harness will turn the sensors off automatically.

Q. What Towbar do I need for a caravan?

A. You will need to find out what Towbars are available for your vehicle and what their capacities are and then establish your vehicle's towing capacity and ball weight capacity. Once you have this information you will be able to determine what caravan you can tow by finding out the caravan’s gross weight and ball weight. If the caravan weighs below your vehicle and towbar capacity you will be able to tow it.

Q. What happens if the towball obstructs my number plate?

A. Your number plate needs to be visible at all times. If the towball obstructs your number plate you will need to remove the ball or tongue so that your number plate is not obstructed.

Q. Will a Towbar affect my insurance?

A. No, fitting a Towbar will not affect your insurance provided you adhere to all rules and regulations. We always recommend advising your insurance company that you have installed a Towbar to your vehicle so that it will be covered under your policy.

Q. What Towbar will fit my car?

A. This question mostly comes back to the type of vehicle you have. Not all vehicles have multiple options and some don’t have a Towbar available at all. Firstly, we will ask you for the make, model, year and shape of your vehicle and once we have that information, we will be able to let you know what Towbar or Towbars are available for your vehicle. It is important to know how much your vehicle and Towbar can tow to determine what you will be able to tow. You can check your vehicle's towing capacity in your owner’s handbook. It is very important to always adhere to your vehicle's and Towbar's capacity.

Q. What Towbar do I need for a bike rack?

A. This will depend on the style of the bike rack and how it attaches to the Towbar. In most cases, they will either attach over the towball, under the towball or slide in a hitch receiver. If the bike rack attaches over the towball or under the towbar ball they will fit most Australian Towbars. If it is a hitch receiver bike rack you will need either a class 4 Towbar if it fits a 50mm hitch or a class 3 Towbar if it fits a 40mm hitch. Most of the hitch style racks fit a 50mm hitch.

Q. Will a Towbar affect my vehicle warranty?

A. No, fitting a Towbar will not affect your vehicles warranty. Some dealers will tell you otherwise, however, this information is incorrect and is illegal for them to be providing you false information such as this. It is a scare tactic they use to make you purchase their product.

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