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Car manufacturers put a tremendous amount of design and engineering into their cars. But when it comes to adding a Towbar, they turn to local aftermarket manufactures for help. Brands like Hayman Reese, design, test and produce Towbars for big car companies who then repackage them as genuine parts for an extra price tag. But shh, we didn’t tell you.

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Dealer Versus Aftermarket Towbars

Speedy Towbar attached on car
You know the drill. When you buy a new car, dealers go through all the options and extras. Do you want a Towbar, headlight protectors, window tinting or floor mats.

Their pitch is that they’re installing genuine parts on your new vehicle. The suggestion is often that genuine parts make the towing more reliable, safe and won’t harm your new car warranty.

However, as is often the case, the Towbar isn’t made by the vehicle manufacturer. Yet, by adding their logo to it, the part becomes “genuine” and it allows them to charge more for it.

What they don’t tell you at the dealer is that aftermarket parts don’t harm your new car warranty either. They’re usually manufactured by the same OEM and they don’t come with the additional price tag.

OEM stands for an Original Equipment Manufacturer, that’s the company that made the Towbar for the manufacturer. The OEM term is often used to sell less expensive Towbars that are exact copies of the genuine part. They just don’t have the added-bonus of the car manufacturer’s logo.

Aftermarket Towbars are Towbars designed, tested and manufactured according to Australian standards. They pass the same rigid tests as genuine and OEM Towbars. The aftermarket manufacturers liaise with the car manufacturers to design their Towbars specifically for the models being sold.

So the real question is whether you want to save money on a quality aftermarket Towbar or pay the penalty for a OEM Towbar masquerading as a “genuine part”.

Speedy Towbar attached on mazda car

Speedy Towbars offers and fits aftermarket Towbars that are ADR approved and specifically designed for your vehicle’s make and model

genuine parts Towbar

Genuine Parts

  • Often made by an OEM and not the car manufacturer
  • Has the car manufacturer logo
  • Installed by dealer’s mechanics who may have less experience at installing Towbars
  • Meets strict Australian standards
  • ADR Approved
  • Usually more expensive
  • Retains new vehicle warranty
Aftermarket Towbars

Aftermarket Towbars

  • Made by an aftermarket manufacturer
  • Installed by an aftermarket specialist who installs Towbars every day of the week
  • Meets strict Australian standards
  • Tested & made in Australia
  • ADR Approved
  • Usually much more cost effective than a genuine part
  • Retains new vehicle warranty

Will using an aftermarket Towbar void my new car warranty?

The simple answer is no. A properly installed aftermarket Towbar that is designed specifically for your vehicle brand and model will not void your new car warranty.

Aftermarket manufacturers and skilled installers go to a great deal of trouble to ensure that the correct type of Towbar is fitted to the right vehicle.

This means the Towbar is designed for towing within the vehicle’s towing capacity. So long as you tow within this capacity, then your new car warranty remains intact.

Reputable aftermarket manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their product.

Likewise, Speedy Towbars also offers a lifetime warranty on all Towbar wiring that we do.

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New Vehicles With Aftermarket Towbars

Only Quality Aftermarket Towbars And Towbar Accessories

We stock Towbars constructed in accordance with internationally recognised quality assurance standard AS9001.IS09001.


  • Towbars for personal and commercial vehicles
  • Solid construction for excellent performance
  • Superior quality with powder-coat finish
  • Manufactured in Australia with a Full Lifetime Warranty


  • Complete range of towing solutions
  • Well-built and long-lasting
  • Most popular Towbar brand in Australia
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Class 2 and 4 Towbars
  • Multiple options for some vehicles
  • Powder-coat finish to protect against corrosion
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Why Buy An Aftermarket Towbar From Speedy Towbars

Speedy Towbars fits Towbars fast. We don’t keep you waiting for a quality aftermarket Towbar. Our 5 star Towbar service delivers the same friendly and expert service in store or on the road in our fully fitted mobile vans. We deliver:

Attention to the finest detail
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Exceptional service and free advice
Electrical wiring lifetime warranty
An after sales service that truly cares
The fastest service and installation

You can learn more about our Towbar installation process here.

Speedy Towbars Heavy Duty Towbar on Subaru Forester

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