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With the right Towbar and Towbar accessory you have the freedom to do almost anything on the road: tow a trailer, campervan, caravan or bikes. At Speedy Towbars, we’ll help you find the right Towbar accessories for your towing needs.

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We Stock A Wide Range Of Towbar Accessories

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Brake Units

Trailers with electric brakes fitted will require a brake unit fitted to the vehicle in order to activate the trailers brakes.

dummy accessory

Bike Carriers

Your vehicle and bicycle will be the best of friends with our range of bike racks.
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Weight Distribution Hitches

Allowing for an even distribution of the trailer ball weight across all the Tow vehicles axles/wheels.
dummy accessory

D Shackles

Secure your trailer to your Towbar and know if all else fails they won’t.
dummy accessory

Towballs & Covers

The critical link between your Towbar and trailer we have lots of them and we can cover
them too.
dummy accessory

Hitch Pin Locks

Keep your ballmount and trailer safe and secure with an easy to use locking system.

dummy accessory

Trailer Adaptors

Don’t let your vehicle and trailers differences get in your way. We can get them talking.

dummy accessory


When your Towbar and trailer are in different places we can get them together.

dummy accessory

Pintle Hooks

Got a truck or need to tow a large trailer? We have the right connection.

dummy accessory

Anderson Plugs and Isolators

Today’s caravans and camper vans require more power than ever before. We can give them all the power they need.

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12 Pin Plugs

Need extra pins? We have great pins to power everything you could need.

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70mm Towballs

Towing over 3500kg? We have the right equipment to make it happen.

Talk to our experienced technicians about the right accessories for your needs. Our list of towing accessories is always growing.
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Tow Your Load with Confidence

Have you packed your load correctly but still struggle to maintain control of your vehicle? Towbar Accessories not only give you greater ability to tow other things, they can also improve your towing safety.

Tow Ball

One of the most asked about accessories is a tow ball. When you choose Speedy to install your Towbar, we’ll include this in the installation. However, some Towbar fitters regard the tow ball as separate to the Towbar installation. This shiny, spherical attachment gets attached to the Towbar tongue or ballmount.

D Shackles

D shackles, another popular accessory, also comes as a standard inclusion with Speedy’s Towbar installation. A D shackle (sometimes referred to as a d-shackle, dee shackle, shackle or D-bolt), acts as a backup link to the towing hitch. You may not realise how useful they are until you’re in a difficult situation. The D shackles connect your trailer safety chains to your vehicle.

Hitch Pin

A hitch pin (sometimes referred to as a Towbar pin or receiver pin) secures the hitch to the receiver. We carry all types of hitch pins and hitch pin locks to suit different Towbars and tow hitches.

Weight distribution systems

Weight distribution systems improve your towing experience by distributing the weight evenly across all 4 wheels. A weight distribution hitch not only gives you greater ability to tow other things, but they also improve your towing handling. This means the people in your life and those on the road are much safer for it.

Weight Distribution System

Weight distribution accessories include:


Friction Sway Controllers


Cast Drop Shanks


Hitch Park


Distribution Hitches


Safety Chain Extender Kits


Boat Trailer Brackets

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Get moving with Towbar accessories

Speedy Towbars carry a full line of Towbar accessories to go with your Towbar. When it’s time to down the tools and go outdoors for well earned break, trust Speedy Towbars with your towing needs.

We pair your Towbar with quality and trusted accessories. Talk to Speedy Towbars about what you will be towing. Some items like bike racks require different parts.

You get the same high-quality Speedy experience with Towbar accessories as you do with a Towbar installation. Our experienced technicians deliver a speedy service with superior workmanship.

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Car using Towbar accessories
Car using Towbar accessories
Car using Towbar accessories

Safety and Security

When you carry precious cargo like a horse float, a camper trailer or a caravan you want the confidence of knowing it’s safe and secure.

Keep that horse float and the horses happy. Avoid the hassle of having your trailer hitched up to an unknown vehicle. Use a Towbar accessory designed to deter thieves.

Safety and security Towbar accessories include:


Hayman Reese Hitch Park


Hayman Reese Universal Anti-Theft Coupling Lock


Trailer Coupling Lock – two way use with padlock


Towbar Locking Pin


Hayman Reese Silent Hitch Pin

Weight Distribution System

Drive Off With An Affordable Quality Towbar

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