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Speedy Towbars was established in 2003 and we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the market. Our friendly technicians are equipped with the latest technology and tools to ensure they fit your Towbar professionally and to the highest standard.
Class 4 Towbars


Looking for a versatile Towbar? Use a class 4 Towbar for maximum towing capacity. It’s suitable for a large range of applications from caravans, trailers, horse floats, camper trailers to boats.

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European Towbars


Get a European Towbar for a stylish look. Detachable European designs have a swan-like neck. They’re renowned for their high-quality and strict safety standards.

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Electric Brakes


If it’s over 750kg then get your brake on and avoid trouble with the law. Speedy Towbars warrant all electric wiring on electric brakes and electric brake units.

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Towbars For Popular Makes

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We’ll recommend the right Towbar for your vehicle and install it onsite while you get on with your day.

What Our Customers Say

Andriy Kardash

Very happy with end result. Guys managed to install the Towbar same day with very short notice. They also provide valuable advice and recommendation. Highly recommended!

Andriy Kardash

Ben Smith

Exceptional service. Super helpful and great value. Highly recommended.

Ben Smith

Alex Smith

These guys got me out of a pinch with my Pajero when another retailer let me down on my order that took over 3 weeks. The customer service was great and they are very knowledgeable…

Alex Smith

Anne Francia

Just visited the Everton Hills store… exceptional service and helped us out with our towing needs. Brilliant.

Anne Francia

Yongmi Kim

I was recommended from two local mechanics. The Towbar was installed very quickly. The price was good.

Yongmi Kim

Andrew Campbell

Fantastic service. I had a Towbar fitted to my Camry in about 40 min. Picked up my new trailer the next day. All the trailer lights worked perfectly. Really great price compared…

Andrew Campbell

We’re Totally Obsessed With Towbars

When you need to find and install the right Towbar, Speedy Towbars makes it easy for you. Our family-owned business carries a wide range of Towbars and Towbar Accessories. Since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of drivers with Towbars in Brisbane and the great South-East. And, if you don’t have time to visit us:

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Have your Towbar fitted at your convenience. There’s no substitute for a Towbar installation specialist. With 40 years of experience, we know Towbars.

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You Deserve A 5 Star Towbar Service

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Choose From Quality Towbar Brands

When our technicians install your Towbar, it must meet Australian Design Rule 62. We also follow strict installation standards. Select your next Towbar from our range of reliable Australian and International brands. We use brands we trust.


  • Towbars for personal and commercial vehicles
  • Solid construction for excellent performance
  • Superior quality with powder-coat finish
  • Manufactured in Australia with a Full Lifetime Warranty


  • Complete range of towing solutions
  • Well-built and long-lasting
  • Most popular Towbar brand in Australia
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Class 2 and 4 Towbars
  • Multiple options for some vehicles
  • Powder-coat finish to protect against corrosion
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What Type Of Towbar Do You Need?

The type of Towbar you install depends on your vehicle and what you are towing.
There are many types such as bolt on, removable hitch and swan neck.
*Please note not all styles are available for every vehicle*
The type of Towbar you install depends on your vehicle and what you are towing.
There are many types such as bolt on, removable hitch and swan neck.
*Please note not all styles are available for every vehicle*
Standard Towbar
Class 2

Standard Towbar(not available for all vehicles)

  • Two bolt attachment
  • Flat bolt on tongue
  • Rated up to 1600kg
  • Small to large vehicles
Reese Light Towbar
Class 3

Reese Light (RL) Towbar(not available for all vehicles)

  • Square 40mm x 40mm hitch box with pin and clip
  • Rated up to 1600kg
  • Medium to large vehicles
Standard Towbar
Class 4

Heavy Duty Towbar(not available for all vehicles)

  • Square 50mm x 50mm hitch box with pin and clip
  • Rated for maximum towing capacity
  • Suitable for caravans, large trailers, boats and horse floats

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Accessorise Your Towing Experience

Towing comes with greater road safety responsibilities. You need to ensure your vehicle and Towbar are suitable for what you’re towing.

Aside from a properly fitted Towbar you may also need other accessories. Our technicians can install and help you choose the right accessories for your vehicle.

Towing comes with greater road safety responsibilities. You need to ensure your vehicle and Towbar are suitable for what you’re towing. Aside from a properly fitted Towbar you may also need other accessories.

Our technicians can install and help you choose the right accessories for your vehicle.

Want more towing accessories?

Ask our technicians about our wide range of Towbar accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the correct Towbar to fit to my vehicle?

A. It will depend on your vehicle and what you will be towing.

The Towbar must have a capacity that exceeds the loaded weight of the trailer you are intending to tow. Therefore you must check the rating of the Towbar and the vehicles rated towing capacity which is included in the towing section of the vehicle’s handbook.

Q. How can I check my ball weight?

A. Ball weight refers to the weight on the front end of the trailer not carried on the axles. As a general rule, you should aim to have 10% of the total trailer weight as the ball weight. This can be measured at a weighbridge, by resting the jockey wheel on a scale or using a ball weight scale.

Q. Do I have to leave the trailer ballmount in the hitch receiver when I am not towing?

A. The trailer ballmount can be left in the hitch receiver as long as it does not obscure the licence plate. To prevent theft, Speedy Towbars have hitch pin locks available which replaces the standard pin and clip. Alternatively, you can remove the trailer ballmount and store it in a secure place and use a hitch box cover to provide a neat finish on the Towbar and at the same time stop dirt and water readily getting into the hitch receiver.

Q. How can I stop sway from occurring?

A. Generally correct weight distribution will contribute to controlling sway because all wheels have full traction on the road. However, sway can still occur from passing trucks, crosswinds etc. If a weight distribution hitch has been fitted and you want to ensure sway is minimised, a Hayman Reese sway control unit is highly recommended. A Friction Sway control can be used for ball weights from 0kg upwards. A Dual Cam Sway control can be used for ball weights from 160kg upwards. Just ask us to help determine the appropriate unit to suit your needs.

Q. When should a brake control unit be fitted?

A. All trailers with an aggregate trailer mass (including the trailer and load) over 750kg must be fitted with brakes to comply with national road regulations. Any trailer with electric brakes needs a brake controller to activate and operate the trailer brakes. The brake controller sets the timing and level of power output to the trailer brakes when activated by pressing the brake pedal in the vehicle.

Q. Can I purchase parts for my Towbar or Weight Distribution Hitch?

A. Yes, we sell most accessories for our Towbar ranges, including for other branded Towbars.

Q. Will my old Towbar fit my new vehicle?

A. It is not likely that it will fit. Towbars are made for a particular vehicle depending on its year, make, model and shape. If you install an old Towbar you may be installing the wrong type of Towbar. Aside from safety issues, this could also affect your new car warranty and the warranty of your Towbar. You need to install a Towbar that’s designed specifically for the vehicle you drive and its towing capacity.

Q. How can I determine the rating or capacity of my vehicle?

A. If your vehicle has a tow rating this can be found in the handbook under the towing section. The vehicle tow rating will include a trailer weight capacity and a trailer ball weight capacity. All Speedy Towbars have a compliance plate which states the maximum tow rating and the Towbar ball weight capacity. You should always check your handbook for details on your particular model.

Q. When do I need a weight distribution hitch?

A. If your trailer’s ball weight is causing the back end of the vehicle to sag, a weight distribution hitch can be used to return the vehicle to its normal height and ensure you have full traction for braking and steering control. The weight distribution hitch is designed to ensure a return to even distribution of weight across all wheels of the tow vehicle and trailer. This even distribution ensures that positive steering and braking control is maintained.

Q. How can I make it easier to hook up the chains on my weight distribution hitch?

A. The hook up process is lifting and transferring the ball weight. As this can in many cases be a large weight we recommend that you use the jockey wheel to assist in lifting the weight. Therefore always wind down the jockey wheel so that the coupling of the trailer is lifted up before you put the spring bars in place and connect the chains. You may also have to hook up a progressively higher chain link to get to the desired link rather than doing it in one step.

Q. Do I need to alter the suspension in my vehicle for towing?

A. A trailer has ball weight on the coupling which when connected to the vehicle is held by the suspension over the back axle. This load is redistributed to all wheels of the vehicle and trailer using a weight distribution hitch to return the vehicle to its normal height. If a load is being permanently carried in the back of the vehicle (e.g. if a toolbox has been fitted) then it may be appropriate to replace the standard springs with higher rated (carrying capacity) springs. These will not transfer any load away from the axle but will provide better support for the higher load being carried. It is preferable to transfer the ball weight when towing to ensure that the vehicle’s rear axle is not overloaded and to ensure maximum traction of all wheels on the road for optimum braking and steering control.

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