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When it comes to your towbar, Speedy Towbars top priority is safety. When we learn of a product recall our goal is to get you back on the road driving safely.  We’ll check if you’re affected by the Tow-Pro Elite V2 recall and replace affected parts fast.

Speedy Towbars installs all towbars and accessories by following the product manual. But, even if the electric trailer brake controller was installed correctly, REDARC Electronics is still recalling the product.

Vehicles towing caravans or boats often use the Tow-Pro Elite V2 brake controller. If you’ve had an affected product installed by Speedy Towbars or even by another towbar technician, we’ll replace the affected part for free.

Read on to find out:

  • If you have an affected Tow-Pro Elite V2
  • The reason for the  electric trailer brake controller recall
  • What could happen if you don’t replace the affected part
  • How we’ll fix it
  • What you need to do

Is Your Tow-Pro Elite V2 Affected?

The recall only applies to affected parts sold between 1 September 2018 and 21 January 2019 with serial numbers listed on the REDARC website ( You can locate the serial number on the external packaging and on the main control unit.

When you contact Speedy Towbars, we’ll check to see if your serial number is affected.

Tow-Pro Elite V2 recall


What’s The Reason Behind The Electric Trailer Brake Controller recall?

Where the installation of affected parts has not been carried out by following the product manual (using dedicated wiring from a single battery supply), there is increased potential for a loss in trailer brake output.


What Could Happen To The Brake Controller?

There could be a loss in trailer brake output the braking distance of the tow vehicle and trailer may be increased when towing. A loss in trailer brake output will be indicated by a flashing yellow/red warning lamp on the affected part.

REDARC Electronics are not aware of any injuries or incidents.


How Will The Tow-Pro Elite V2 Recall Be Rectified

If you have a towing vehicle with an affected part and you’re in South-East Queensland, you can have it fixed by Speedy Towbars. We’ll replace the main control unit of the affected part, free of charge.

With two convenient locations on Brisbane’s northside and southside, simply book in your vehicle or call 1300 Speedy (07 4243 4871) and you’ll have your affected part fixed in no time.

Customers concerned about the Tow-Pro Elite V2 recall can also:

  • Fill in a contact form found on the REDARC website (
  • Call REDARC on 1800 733 272 or 08 8322 4848 for more information
  • Email for details of your nearest dealer/installer

Speedy Towbars provides a fast, friendly towbar service with a lifetime guarantee on all electrical work. It shouldn’t take any longer than 15-30 minutes to complete the changeover.


Book Now For Your Free Speedy Recall Service

We understand that product recalls can be inconvenient, but your safety and the safety of other people who are with you on the road come first. When you contact us, we’ll verify if your serial number is an affected part. If confirmed, we’ll book you in for a free priority recall service.

Contact Speedy Towbars now or call 1300 Speedy.