Australia road rules state any trailer that exceeds 750kg must have brakes fitted. Trailers with an electric brake fitted will required a brake unit fitted to the vehicle in order to activate the trailers bakes. Speedy Towbars has a large range of brake controllers from trusted brands such as Redarc, Hayman Reese and Tekonsha, so we know that we will have a brake controller to suit your needs.


TowPro Elite

Product Description

ab6c6ec1-6e87-4a0e-a53e-9d8c983a446eThe Tow-Pro™ Elite is an electric trailer brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and being simple to install and operate.

The Tow-Pro™ Elite offers selectable Automatic or User Controlled trailer braking modes allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type, or driver preference.

The Tow-Pro™ Elite features Active Calibration which constantly monitors the direction of travel removing the need for an initial calibration process, the unit will even calibrate with no trailer attached whilst maintaining the ability to mount in any orientation.

The unit is able to operate both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes and will operate from either 12V or 24V vehicle systems without the need for manual selection or extra components/ wiring. The unit is also ADR compliant when installed as directed.


  1. A new level of towing safety, unmatched in the market

With patented* technology, Tow-Pro™ Elite ensures that no matter the situation, the unit will deliver a smooth, safe trailer braking response.

* Australian Patent Application 2014900483 (Pending)

  1. Puts safe braking at your fingertips

With a dash mounted control knob*, you can choose your braking type depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type or preference.

* Meets ADR21 safety standards

  1. Two types of braking

– Automatic mode (Inertia sensing) for highway conditions, trailer brakes are applied at a proportional level to the vehicle braking level

– User Controlled Mode for off road, the trailer brakes are applied to the level set by the user.

  1. Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles

Tow-Pro™ Elite is designed to operate 12V trailer brakes from both 12V and 24V vehicle electrical systems. The acceptable voltage input range is between 9V and 32V.

  1. Operates both Electric and Electric/hydraulic

Both braking systems can be operated using Tow-Pro™ Elite requiring no user input to select the mode.

* Tow-Pro may not be suitable for some electric/hydraulic systems that require their own specific controller.


Hayman Reese Sentinel™

Complete with Sync-Control the driver can control the rate of brake application from soft to aggressive my simply moving this control forward or backward. Trailer brakes may also be manually applied by squeezing the Brake Controller’s manual control, located on the front of the unit. This also activates the trailer and tow vehicle’s stop lights when brakes are applied. A perfect way to help trim trailer sway.

Its simple operation, slim design and wide range of mounting options make it the perfect choice for today’s towing vehicles. Since the Sentinel has no moving parts or pendulums to adjust, it can be mounted in virtually any position.

  • Digital Display shows “Output” setting, “Sync” setting, brake overload or short connection and aids in hookup troubleshooting.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Thumb wheel type “Output” control.
  • Advanced internal circuit protection to prevent damage if incorrectly wired.
  • 100% solid state construction.
  • No moving parts or pendulums.
  • No hydraulic connections.
  • No levelling required.
  • Compact size, mounts anywhere inside passenger compartment.
  • Unique “Sync” adjustment for towing different trailers.
  • Soft touch variable manual control.
  • For use on 12v negative ground systems only.
  • Dimensions: 159(l) x 80(w) x 35(h)


Hayman Reese Guardian® IQ and Primus™ IQ

At last, an intelligent braking system has arrived, allowing you the control you need in every towing situation. Introducing the new Hayman Reese Guardian® IQ and Primus™ IQ brake controller – the latest in towing technology with brake control for up to 3 axles. The Guardian® IQ and the Primus™ IQ are a fully proportional trailer braking system delivering power to the trailer brakes in direct ratio to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle. The unit also works proportionally in reverse for backing into tight spots.

The Hayman Reese Guardian® IQ and Primus™ IQ are loaded with features to improve control over your towed vehicle. Equipped with three level “Boost” functionality, Guardian® IQ and Primus™ IQ allows you to incrementally increase the sensitivity of the brake control’s inertial sensor further enhancing the participation of trailer brakes during a brake event. With a push of a button you can quickly change the Boost setting to optimise your unit to cope with your towing situation, driving preference as well as the condition of your trailer brakes. The 2 digit LED readout will continuously keep you informed by depicting the electrical connection status, amount of voltage delivery to the trailer brakes as well as self diagnosing features providing you with optimal visibility.

  • Self diagnosing feature incorporated into LED display for optimal visibility.
  • Braking power for up to 3 axles.
  • Works proportionally in reverse.
  • Self levelling mechanism – no level adjustment necessary.
  • Includes a Boost feature.
  • Snap-in dash mounting clip and hardware included.
  • Digital LED readout.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


Hayman Reese CompactIQ™

The CompactIQ proportional brake control unit has been developed to make it both easier & less intrusive to install and provide the driver with greater control in braking situations.

The dial and LED indicator can fit and be mounted in a spare switch panel rather than through the main dashboard or centre consol. The brake controller is stored out of sight behind the vehicle’s dashboard – with only the control dials showing on the dash.           

output-control-dialThe Output Control Dial has two functions. It lets you set the minimum braking force of the trailer (otherwise known as the ‘Boost’ – a unique feature) and provides an over-ride function for additional braking power on the trailer when required. The over-ride force can be set by the user and is activated by pressing and holding the Output ControlDial.

The “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more or less braking power when necessary. By adjusting the Boost on the Output Control Dial, users can choose the minimum amount of braking force to apply when the brake pedal is first pressed. For heavier caravans and trailers more Boost can be used for greater braking control. This feature is unique to the CompactIQ™ as a remote mounted brake control unit.

LED-indicatorThe LED indicator shows the various states of the braking system through the use of different colours. It also confirms successful installation. Green indicates the system is connected and operating correctly. Red indicates that the system is active and applying the trailer’s brakes. A flashing red light means there is a connection fault.

 Key Features:

  • Electrical brake control for 1, 2, or 3 trailer axles.
  • Includes a “Boost” feature that gives users the ability to set minimum braking power.
  • Discreet controls offering flexible mounting options.
  • LED indicator showing status of braking system.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Fully compatible with Electronic Stability Control systems


 Tekonsha P3®

P3 the industries most advanced electric trailer brake control. A true proportional braking system, P3 has several added features, making it the new standard for electric trailer brake controls.

5 storable setting options for pulling different trailers or preferences of multiple drivers.

A distinct, easy-to-read LCD display with multiple screen color options.

Up-Front controls provide easy access to all P3 features.

Easy to understand diagnostics show output current, battery, brake, and output voltage.

A flashing red warning system alerts user to No Trailer Brake situations.

Select Electric over Hydraulic or Electric trailer brake mode.

Screen information display in English, French or Spanish.

The Original Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking.

Compact, dash-hugging design.

Integrated Plug-N-Play port for 2-plug adapters.

Snap-in mounting clip allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.

Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles.

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Prodigy® P2 and Hayman Reese Vinotour™

The Prodigy® P2 and Vinotour™ Proportional-based control offers everything the Guardian® IQ and Primus™ IQ has and more. It utilises a 360 degree fitting range and through the use of a sensing device can determine the tow vehicles rate of deceleration and apply the correct amount of trailer braking to match.

The continual diagnostics check for proper connection and electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles gives the Prodigy® P2 and Vinotour™ an advantage over all other models. Quick and easy disconnect features allows for easy removal and storage when not in use.

  • Digital Display: Shows “Output” setting.
  • Shows “Sync” setting.
  • Shows brake overload or short connection.
  • Aids in hookup troubleshooting.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Refer to our warranty section for more details.
  • Thumb wheel type “Output” control.
  • Advanced internal circuit protection to prevent damage if incorrectly wired.
  • 360 degree fitting range.
  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles.
  • No level adjustment required-it adjusts to varying terrain as you drive.
  • Unique “Boost” feature for towing different trailers.
  • Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove.
  • For use on 12v negative ground systems only.
  • 135(l) x 100(w) x 43(h)